About Us

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Robert W. Dail Memorial Treatment Center accepts the medical model of addiction with the acknowledgement that behavior contributes to the evolution of addiction and must be addressed along with the normalization of brain chemistry. For these reasons, medication is given to stabilize and normalize brain function making behavioral therapy more effective.


Integrity of the Human Spirit

We believe that each individual has an innate desire to survive and manifest their uniqueness as a member of the human race.

Respect for Individual Values

We believe that uniqueness is what makes life interesting and that respect for each individual’s background, culture and belief system is necessary for a healthy society.

Healthy Living

The world is full of challenges to our health, without which we cannot survive to fulfill our purpose. Meeting those challenges and making healthy choices is essential to our well-being.


Communities enjoying the healthy participation of all its members.

All of our lives are enhanced when each of us can fulfill our potential as unique individuals.


To reduce the negative effects of opioid addiction for those afflicted and affected so that each individual’s unique contribution to community life can be enhanced.

Receiving quality care for opioid addiction can remove a serious challenge to leading a healthy and fulfilling life. The benefits of treatment extend not only to the individuals afflicted with the illness, but to all of those whose lives they touch.