About Treatment



When one first enters into our program they are initially examined by our physician who will determine which medication is best suited for that individual. Over time, the individual will work closely with our staff to ensure the level of medication they receive is appropriate for them. It is important to understand that Methadone and Buprenorphine treatment is not simply “replacing one drug with another.” The goal of these medications is to allow the suffering addict to be free from withdrawal and to return the addict to a high level of functioning. This will allow someone to take advantage of the other aspects of treatment and to make the changes needed to maintain long term recovery.


One should understand that the medications given in treatment are not magic solution. A person in treatment will have a qualified counselor of whom they will work closely with. Taking full advantage of this support and guidance will greatly influence the course of one’s treatment. Our counseling staff will assist individuals in setting and achieving personal goals and develop a unique treatment plan to help repair what is seen as a priority for the individual in treatment.


Someone in treatment with Robert Dail Memorial will have access to medical staff that is highly qualified and knowledgeable in addictive diseases. Each patient will have an annual blood work panel which will be used to ensure and monitor any health concerns. It is vital that those in treatment address their medical problems. Our highly trained and specialized medical staff will be available to patients for medical consult on a daily basis.